The teenage years are the bridge between childhood and adulthood. I’d say this means going from blowing all your Eid money on corner store candy to making budgets for weekly household groceries, but I too am unsure what being an adult actually entails.

These years are for finding who you are. What you like, what you don’t like. The kind of music you listen to, the fashion trends you despise. How you deal with heartbreak, why you don’t listen to advice. All this leads to the finished product: the adult you.

These photos are about the uncertainty that comes with figuring out who you are. A teenage girl’s stream of consciousness visualized–all those angsty diary entries, those books she reads trying to work out “the bigger picture,” and the jewelry she attaches meaning to that only she understands.

Some might say these years don’t end. We are always changing, constantly adapting–change is the only constant in life. I guess I’ll find out.

Whether you are one of the certain or you too are finding your footing in this world however old you may be, I invite you to come along on this journey across the bridge. ♦