I’ll Keep Climbing

I’m still walking.
Sometimes I’m crawling,
But I’ll still soldier on.
I won’t take my eyes off of you.
I’m on the ladder.
I go two steps upward.
I go one step down,
But the ladder is still there,
and I’m still holding on.
I’m growing much louder.
Older, yes.
But louder too.
It’s one big journey.
Life is one big journey.
I feel side to side,
I love side to side,
But my eyes are still up.
They are still looking at you.
The ladder is taking me in strange directions.
But all of them are equally beautiful.
Some dark,
some dim,
But I can still see your light.
I’m failing.
But you look at me with love.
I look at you with anger.
I’m angry with you.
But you look at me with love.
You still look at me
And you say yes.
You said yes to me so long ago.
I want to say yes to you.
I’m saying yes to you.
I love you still.
I’ll keep climbing.
My hands hurt,
and my feet ache.
But you make me new.
I’ll keep climbing
Until I see you face to face.
Then I can rest.

By Vivian Chambers