Sleepy Philly

Sleepy Philly,
To the ants crawling along my floorboards, and my dreaming dog
Wrap me up to rest
Remind me of the months past and people touched
Hands held and eyes locked
Taking what’s right in front of me but always wanting more

Sleepy Philly,
Retell the wanting to me, from the first handshake to the last message
Count my mistakes and misfortunes and misjudgments
The playgrounds I used to gallop in and the park benches they kissed me on
All the plants that saw me and you

Sleepy Philly,
Sing about arriving in the future and feeling out of place
Nursing my heart back into good health
Or attempting to
Avoiding walking on my tiptoes and growing my hair
Subconsciously counting the scars on your arms
Spitting in a cup to get your taste out of my mouth,
Your scent off my skin

Sleepy Philly,
That cares for me
Grow my feeble independence
Think of my childhood in tepid waters, crack my knuckles, wash my toes
Let me say hello to the familiar scents
Catch me again and again

By Lila Blaine