If for an entire day,
People would see,
Right through me,
I would travel on an aeroplane,
And if I were feeling especially insane,
I’d sneak into the cockpit,
And for a while I would sit,
Watching the levers flick back and forth,
And letting all the world go by.

I’d hop off in America,
And go to an Elvis concert,
Or hang out with Rosa Parks,
And Martin Luther King,
I’d listen to Michael Jackson sing,
Then perhaps I would go home,
And walk my old dog,
Through the muddy river bog,
Listening to the farmer,
Who lived around the corner,
Whistling and working,

Then maybe I’d go and see my Nan,
And tell her tales of my Dad,
I’d play marbles with my Grandpa,
Whilst he told be about the great war,
Then maybe we would listen for the planes,
And tiptoe to the cellar,
And huddle for hours under blankets,
With my uncle,
Who’d have just come in from cycling his bike,
Just as he did when he was young,
We’d sit until we fell asleep,
Then once I woke up,
I’d think it all a dream,
And go on about my life,
Wishing it were real.

By Nat