This month’s collage kit focuses on this one moment in time, but considers it in relation to both the past and the future. Where are you now compared to where you will be in a year, and what are you feeling today that maybe you weren’t a month ago? Life is about evolution: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even when we feel stuck, we know deep down that change defines life, that we wont be who we are now forever. Some symbolic representations of this constant ebb and flow are: sunrises, trips, the seasons, flowers. You have all of that and more in this month’s kit and accompanying backgrounds, so let what you’re feeling and thinking in this very moment come out onto the page, no filter.

Download the first page of lively flowers and fruit here:

You can find the second page of fall leaves and motifs here:

Find inspiration in these words and scenes here:

Download these slivers of scenic backgrounds here:

Brighten up your creation with these floral backgrounds:

Or go for something more subdued with these florals:

Later in November, we’ll publish a gallery of the collages readers made with Alia’s kit. If you’d like to submit your collage, please send it to [email protected] along with your first name, last initial, age, and location by 6 PM EST on Tuesday, November 20. In your email, please use the subject line “November Collage.” Please save the image file at 300 dpi, if possible. Enjoy! ♦