Illustration by Lucia S.

Hi Amelia!

I’ve been at college for 2 months, and nothing is going right. I came here knowing the girls I’m rooming with, and while they keep me company, I don’t have much in common with them, I feel like they don’t understand me, and they’re just super negative (yeah, I know I sound negative too, the irony is not lost on me). Plus, I’m not having those *magical* college experiences and friendships my friends at other schools are.

It’s incredibly difficult not having a solid group of friends that I really love, especially since my senior year was the happiest I’d been in a very long time because things were so great socially.

My first month here, I worked so hard on trying to make friends with people, but nothing panned out. I still try when I can, but it’s not as accepted now at this point to just walk up to people and introduce yourself. I’ve got people around me, but I’m lonelier than I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve tried to get involved in things, but the groups I want to join only meet once a week at the same time, and I have a night class then. So it’s been hard to meet people with common interests.

Nothing here feels right. I feel super lost and like I’m wasting my time. And when my friends from high school ask me about how totally awesome college is, I don’t know what to say. They’re all having the times of their lives and I feel like an idiot lying to them. I don’t want to depress them or make them pity me. What should I do? Where do I go from here?


Dear KT,

The wildest thing about college is that you grow and change at an amazing rate of speed—so fast that, after a while, you might not even recognize yourself or the people who came with you. Not all the people who you’ve been close to will be your best friends forever, and that’s OK.

With changemaker Uranus backtracking through your friendship zone, you’re really feeling the tension between the way your social circle used to be and what it is now. Sometimes, trying to hold onto those relationships when they’re past their expiration date feels as bad as letting them go. Friendships morph and change forms over time, and that’s what makes them beautiful. Someone you once had a 365-day Snap streak with might only get in touch with you once a month (or even once a year), but your connection is no less meaningful. Part of growing up is giving those friendships room to shapeshift as you do.

Uranus in this part of your chart can also bring up feelings about groups, mentors, and leadership. Have you considered seeking out someone as a mentor, or becoming a leader of a group? Even if you don’t think being in charge is your thing, you might find you some untapped potential there! Plus, don’t limit yourself to organizations that already exist. If you have a passion for something, chances are there are other people who do too, and they’d love to meet you. This cosmic alignment can also be about following a dream, so remember that learning and working on something can be an amazing companion when friends are scarce. Then suddenly, when you aren’t looking, you find a kindred spirit.

Meanwhile, you have tricky Mercury retrograde crossing over intense Pluto in your relationship sector, which can reveal anxieties about being vulnerable. Since there’s so much pressure to only talk about the good things in life, it’s easy to fall into thinking that opening up about tough times would make you seem depressing or pitiful, but I promise you that the opposite is true. Real friends want to be there for you when things are hard. It’s a joy for them to carry you through, just as you’d be happy to do the same for them! Don’t feel like you have to go it alone because your life isn’t picture-perfect. Over the next two weeks, accept the gift of friendship, even when (and especially when) you aren’t feeling your best.

The good news is that the stars are aligned to make you feel a lot less lonely over the next year! You have lucky Jupiter moving through your partnership zone, which will connect you with best friends who you’ll make memories with for years to come. You’ll also have Uranus moving into your sign next spring, where over the next seven years, you’ll be met with tons of surprises in pretty much every area of your life as it links up with your Venus, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn. The one thing you can be certain of? You’re going to love who you become in the process.

I hope you meet the people you’re looking for. You’re very thoughtful, and anyone would be lucky to count you among their friends!

All my best,
Amelia ♦