Our October collage kit was a super special one: we partnered with Google’s Made with Code to make multi-media collages and learn some code along the way.

Made with Code is dedicated to introducing young women to coding as a medium of self-expression, a career path, and a (highly useful and very cool!) hobby. We are really excited about the efforts they are making to bring more women and non-binary people into the world of coding. To celebrate our collaboration, we threw a party in NYC, and you can catch up on all the fun here. And to bring this initiative to as many people as possible, this project will be rolled out with workshops at YWCAs across the country—stay tuned for updates!

We asked you to send us the coded creations you made with our collage kit, and here are the amazing designs you came up with!

P.S. If you haven’t had a chance to make your own coded collage yet, or if you want to keep learning code, you can access the project (and many others) anytime here.

This coding project and event were generously sponsored by Made with Code. The content was produced by Rookie.