Field Notes: Notes from the Field

– Fly tape is so cruel!

– Not talking about something indicates its goodness. Like “Everyone’s so quiet, the food must be good.” Or “_______ hasn’t texted us since she showed up at _______’s house, they must be having a good time.”

– After relaying a particularly strange or unexpected story, an American would say, “That’s unbelievable, right?” But a person of any other national origin would say, “That’s unbelievable, no?” which actually makes a lot more sense. The “right?” is just so desperate and tacky.

Overheard from next door:
– Man in Towel with Hot Dog: “Jessica?”
– Presumably, Jessica: “Yeah?”
– Man in Towel with Hot Dog: “I’m outside your room.”
– Okay, it’s Jessica: “Do you have a hot dog?”
– Man in Towel with Hot Dog: “Oh yes I do.”

Painful, stress-induced eczema has emerged on my third and fourth digits (left hand) with full force. It’s either scaly and painful and bloody or swollen with tiny clustered sacs of fluid sitting right under the top layer of skin. Google image searched “trypophobia.” Big mistake.

I read an article that said hormonal acne is a soon-to-be trend. What a sad way for the market to normalize despair. ♦