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Hi Amelia!

Thanks for this column. I’ve always loved reading the horoscopes you write every month and I’m excited about this new section!

I’m 18 and there is a big exam coming this weekend, and it will determine whether or not I will go to university. It’s a big deal and I’ve been working on it for past two years. My question is not really a problem, but it’s about uncertainty. Every aspect of my life is changing so fast and I’m afraid that I won’t adapt. I had two great years where I felt loved and accepted and I got along with my teachers really well and they supported me.

Everybody is so hopeful about me. They think I will do good with my life. But I know that real world doesn’t work out like high school. And I’m scared about the place I will take in real world. I know that I will have to change myself and get stronger.

How did you adapt to this world with uncertain laws? What was the transition like? Was it smooth? I’m eager to find new perspectives.


Dear Anonymous,

No matter how old we get, we all go through transitional phases—times when life changes so fast you can barely keep up. Even after graduating or going to university, those times of change will always be there. In fact, they’re one of the only constants in life. So, learning to thrive in uncertain times is one of the best things you can do!

Even if you feel like things are totally out of your control, remember that that you can control the way you respond to them. That doesn’t mean you won’t cry when you’re sad, or laugh out loud when something seems completely absurd. But, it does mean you can make a conscious choice to make future decisions based on hope and not fear. It also means choosing not to worry about whether you’ll live up to everyone’s expectations about what success should look like. The only person’s expectations you need to be concerned with meeting are your own.

As a Scorpio, it’s natural to have extremely high standards, but during this transformational time, try to be gentle with yourself. Venus retrograde in your sign could be highlighting your self-doubts, but from now until November 15, you can transform them into self-confidence! Remember that even as your surroundings or your social circles change, you’ll always have your own back. You also say you need to get stronger, but with Mars in Capricorn—one of the strongest positions for Mars—you’re already tough. Plus, Pluto on your Mars right now is giving you an incredible amount of power to apply towards building a life you can be proud of.

As I write this, I’ll be turning 30 this weekend. If you had told me when I graduated high school (or even college) what I would be doing now, there’s no way I would have believed it! My transition was definitely not smooth, and I made plenty of mistakes along the way. I didn’t know what I wanted to do at first, so I had to get comfortable with uncertainty. Once I did, things were so much more beautiful and exciting than I could have imagined—and I have no doubt they will be for you, too.

Regardless of what happens with the test, lucky Jupiter is on your bright, shining sun right now to help you find a space that truly makes you happy, even if it’s somewhere you weren’t expecting. The best thing about uncertainty is that so often you can be surprised in the best way possible! Stay open to good surprises, and the best will be yet to come.

It all comes down to this: trust the process! The good stuff happens on the way to where you think you’re going. Sometimes, the journey is the destination, and that’s okay.

With love,

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