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So… teenagers can suck sometimes. So can anxiety. Trying to run for sophomore class office doesn’t help at all! So here’s the situation, sis:

I’m a generally optimistic person. Even when something goes downhill, I’m the one that tries to keep the situation positive. But starting my campaign for the position of vice-president really killed that mood suddenly. The past few weeks have confused the ever-living Sagittarius out of me. I find myself wondering if I’m worth running for the position since the other candidates are more “popular” than me. I’ve started to wonder if my own friends are getting tired of me. And people are realizing the shift in my mood and usual confidence levels. I’m never afraid to use my voice for what I believe in, but suddenly I am… help?

Dear Sagittarius,

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you aren’t good enough to do something you want to do, even though you most decidedly are. It’s a weird trick your mind can play on you called imposter syndrome, and it definitely sounds like you’re dealing with it. The good news here is that if you’re having these feelings, you’re in good company!

Ladies like you who are brave enough to go after and ultimately take on leadership roles usually experience imposter syndrome at one point or another. Fran Hauser, who’s been an executive at huge companies like America Online and Time, Inc., described her own battle with this phenomenon this in her bestselling book, The Myth of the Nice Girl: How to Have a Career You Love Without Becoming a Person You Hate. She climbed the career ladder, but still felt uncertain when she got to the top. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg also mentioned it in her own bestseller, Lean In. Scores of other famous women who lead have talked about it too, including Rookie’s totally inspiring founder, Tavi Gevinson. It just goes to show that no matter how much you’ve accomplished, it’s completely normal to feel unsure sometimes! The important thing here is that you push through that uncertainty and go after your goals anyways.

Looking at your stars, you have tough Saturn moving across your Mercury, the planet of communication. This has imposter syndrome written all over it! With this, you feel like you can’t say what you need to say and are suddenly confronted with all sorts of fears about the validity of your opinion or the strength of your credentials. It’s frustrating, but try your best to see this as an opportunity to build trust in your own voice. Who cares if other people are more popular than you? Your pitch might be the one that your classmates most need to hear, so don’t be afraid to use it. The only way you can really lose is if you opt-out before giving it a real shot.

Your saving grace in this situation is going to be your feisty Aries moon, which will buoy you through the stressful Mercury-Saturn meetup. Fortunately, there’s an Aries full moon today that will link with yours, activating your inner confidence and giving you a major mood boost. Pro tip: the best way to channel this energy is to start exercising! Aries rules physical activity, and for years, scientific research has shown that moving your body can help improve depression or anxiety. You’ll feel so much better after you channel some of your nervous energy into strengthening yourself.

All in all, the stars and your life are aligned for you to step up and make your voice heard, even though you’re scared. Are you going to do it? I believe you can!

Good luck with the election! You’re going to do an amazing job.

With love,
Amelia ♦

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