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Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is cultivate. Lady Luna is in your 11th house of networking, so you’re being called to nurture relationships with mentors and teachers.

Dylan’s advice: You’ve drafted plans, you’ve done your research, you’ve dipped your toe in…whatever new venture you’ve dived into over the last year is huge progress! Congrats! But no one can do the big things alone, and that’s another part of the process, too: noticing when guidance can really make the dang thing HAPPEN! It’s time to notice. Be bold and seek out anyone that can mentor you by meeting you where you’re at—say you email the captain of the varsity team you want to make, or a student at a school you want to go to, or the higher-up with your dream job. Let them know your progress and your goals, and ask for their insights. Many people love to be flattered in this way and to help someone genuine about a shared interest, so don’t miss this chance to reach out to someone who’s been down that path before.