Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is abundant. Lady Luna is in your 2nd house of resources, so you’re being called to trust that you’ll have more than enough.

Dylan’s advice: The hardest thing ever, in the world, period, end of story, is to trust that there will be enough. Money! Time! Support! Energy! They seem like they are finite banks and we’re so precious about them, to the point that it can hold us back from committing to projects, ideas, dreams. You’re so much farther along into your dream-seekin’ journey than you were last year, Cancer. You’re probably not all the way there yet, but you’re CLOSER. Take a good hard look at your resource road blocks this new moon. What stands in your way? Whether its grants, scholarships, mentorship, or time off, make a plan to 1. Address the hurdle, and 2. Jump over it.