Illustration by Allegra Lockstadt.

Whether you feel like summer is flying by or fall can’t come soon enough, there are still plenty of things to do and plenty of time to make the rest of the season as action-packed or relaxing as you want. We dug through the Rookie archives to find our favorite warm weather reads and DIYs to help you make the most of these dog days of summer.

Looking for stuff to do? You’ve come to the right place!

1. Feeling stuck on how to fill these long summer days? The Rookie Guide to Summer Fun is full of our favorite mostly-free and very fun activities.

2. How to Have Fun by Yourself This Summer by Lee Phillips. There’s a big difference between being alone and being lonely. This list is full of A+ tips for spending quality solo time.

3. The last month of summer doesn’t have to be solely dedicated to fall preparation! We have a list of 31 fun things you can do each day of this month to savor your summer.

4. You don’t need to go somewhere fancy and tropical to have a vacation-y summer vacation! Paradise Without a Plane Ticket by Stephanie Kuehnert is full of ideas for creating your own paradise right where you are.

5. Find ways to turn your life into a fun-filled summer camp with this guide by Victoria Chiu.

6. If the hot weather is just too much, consult Ragini Nag Rao’s guide to beating the heat, How to Keep Cool.

7. Throw yourself (or your best pals) a movie marathon with this list of camp-themed movies and shows by Amber Humphrey.

In need of some inspiration for your late summer moodboard? We have that too!

1. Warm Memories by Savana Ogburn is a dreamy ode to hot summer days.

2. Summertime Blues by Allyssa Yohana reminds you that it’s normal to feel sad—even in the summer.

3. Reflect on changes you’ve made and your dream vision of yourself while reading Summer Transformation, a comic by Anna White.

4. If you’re feeling the pressure to reinvent yourself for a new school year, The New Me by Pixie Casey and Maxine Crump will remind you that you’re doing just fine–no makeover necessary.

Make something!

1. Get creative with the sunshine and make seriously stunning solar-powered art with this guide by Madeline Keyes-Levine.

2. Make delicious desserts–no oven required–with these chill recipes by Meredith Graves.

3. Or maybe you’re craving a super special popsicle? Clara Polito has you covered with this recipe for a decadent banana cookie dough version, or lemon bar pops for a tart and refreshing treat.

And finally, every summer needs a soundtrack…

Still trying to find your summer anthem(s)? Kate Leib to the rescue with this playlist for daydreaming!

Stay cool! ♦