This month’s collage kit is all about process. It pays tribute to DIY culture, to the making of things and people, to the pre-perfect. When we hear polished pop songs or watch perfectly crafted films, we’re being presented with the end product of a long process–not demos, fragments, or ideas in evolution. But everything that exists now was at some point in time a draft in development and that’s a fact worth recognizing. We, too, are works in progress, learning and growing as we go. And this collage kit is one as well; it’s the first step of your creative process, a springboard you can jump off to make your own beautiful artwork. Have fun and embrace the process!

Download this page full of fun motifs here:

And download the background images here:

Later in August, we’ll publish a gallery of the collages readers made with Alia’s kit. If you’d like to submit your collage, please send it to [email protected] along with your first name, last initial, age, and location by 6 PM EST on Thursday, August 23. In your email, please use the subject line “August Collage.” Please save the image file at 300 dpi, if possible. Enjoy! ♦