Illustration by Anya Baker.

The new school year is almost here, Rooks! Whether you’re going into your senior year totally confident, feeling the post-summer blues, or getting anxious about starting at a new school, this guide is full of DIYs, stories, sage advice, beauty ideas, and more to help you kick off the new year. Remember: You’ve got this!

Start the new year prepared for almost anything

1. Remember the importance of self-support and care when you’re busy studying in How Do I Take Better Care of Myself While I Study? By Elona Jones.

2. Listen to Gabby Noone’s advice on speaking up in class.

3. Read this advice from Patrick Ferris on motivating yourself to do assignments, even the b-o-r-i-n-g ones.

4. Consult Victoria Chiu’s tips for working better with others as you prepare for your next group project.

5. Get to know your new classmates, teammates, or roommates with these icebreaker games by Charlotte Rose Durnford-Dionne.

6. Heading to college? Read Anna Fitzpatrick’s excellent advice on packing.

7. Have an idea for a new club you want to start at your school? Alyson Zetta will show you the ropes.

8. Fresh starts can bring on anxiety. Anne T. Donahue has helpful tips for keeping your anxiety at bay.

9. Emily V. Gordon has the best tricks for handling the most uncomfortable social interactions.

10. Living with a roommate for the first time? Read this guide by Amy Rose Spiegel.

11. Remain true to yourself with Tavi’s advice in How to Not Care What Other People Think of You.

12. Rethink your school supplies with this list of things that will bring joy to your day, by Keianna Johnson.

13. Print out this self-care cootie catcher by Esme Blegvad for ideas of things you can do for yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

14. Read Self-Care for Activists by Upasna Barath for strategies to prioritize your politics and your well-being.

15. #NeverAgain: An Interview with David and Lauren Hogg by Thahabu is full of wisdom from the Parkland students and activists on the gun reform movement and passing the mic.

You’re not alone in the school struggle.

1. Read about Brianne Allen’s experience as a black teenager at a private school in School Daze.

2. Learn the ways Upasna beat imposter syndrome.

3. Consider how doing well in school can be a form of rebellion in A Good Example by Gabby.

4. Law school went from an obligation to a life-changing experience for Estelle Tang. Learn about her story here.

5. Read Run For Your Life by Danielle Gazi for her notes from the race to success, a.k.a. college.

Decorate your books/lockers/walls with these printables!

1. Pep up your supplies with these stickers by Agnes Nebrelius.

2. Or go for an outer space theme with these galaxy stickers by Leanna Wright.

3. Give your books a personal touch with this DIY book jacket by Indigo Nelson.

4. Give yourself (and your friends) an award with these printable achievement ribbons by Maxine Crump.

New year, new look.

1. Take beauty cues from this golden Solange-inspired Makeup Trick by Ogechi Egonu.

2. Soothe your face and your self with these DIY sheet masks by Ogechi.

3. Incorporate the science of the color wheel into your look with Alyson’s Makeup Trick: Complementary Colors.

4. On-theme inspiration: A DIY chalkboard manicure by Gaby Gloria.

5. Or make summer last forever (or at least a week or two!) with this DIY meadow manicure by Marlena Mayle.

6. Last but not least, easy and fun tips for styling your braids by Ugochi Egonu.

Finally, as you head into the new year, turn to these reminders that you’re already great!

1. Sage, sweet, and universal advice from sophomores to high school freshmen.

2. Plaster your walls with Jenny Holzer-inspired printable truisms from this printable by Lucia S.

Good luck & go get ‘em! ♦