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Ya girl needs a little more–okay, a lot more faith in herself. I’m on the fence about a lot of things and for all the ways I don’t fit the archetype of a “typical” Libra, I fit in one very, VERY big way: I’m indecisive because I consider what everyone around me thinks, a.k.a. a token people-pleaser. I just went through a break-up and for the first week didn’t even fully process it because I kept wondering if the person who dumped me was okay and agonizing over how easily they moved on. (It wasn’t a bad break-up, no harsh feelings, but I kept making it a competition in my head and feeling like an absolute sore loser for being a crying mess.) I can’t decide between two majors that I love for different reasons & I know I want to minor in a subject, but you know, you kinda need a major to minor. I can’t muster up the faith in my writing to fully commit to something–I want to write a book but I’m also scared of the commitment, because I tend to burn out partway through starting things (a whole other can of worms I wish I didn’t deal with). In short, I could really, really use some advice/help/magical-stars-way to get out of my own head, because I’ve spent my own life living in it, planning and fantasizing and worrying how my decisions affect the people I love, forgetting that one of those people I should love and care for is myself.

Miss Doubtful

Dear Miss Doubtful,

Your situation is so relatable. Deep down, we all want to make the right choice, whether it’s as simple as what to eat for breakfast or as complicated as what to study. That’s why, sometimes, it feels like every decision is the most important one you’ll ever make. But allow me to let you in on a little secret: it’s not!

Doesn’t that feel better already? You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your life isn’t going to explode if you pick one major over another, or date someone who ultimately wasn’t right for you. You have Venus in perfectionist Virgo, so you want everything to work out just right. But, even if you can do all the research and make an informed decision, it’s impossible to anticipate exactly what’s going to happen next (even for astrologers like me)! So, trust that everything will be okay, even if you have to pivot later. Here’s the thing: fear of making a decision comes from lack of trust that you can handle the outcome. That’s where believing in yourself comes in.

In astrology, the moon sign describes what you need in order to feel comfortable, safe, and self-assured. If you’re overwhelmed, doing something to honor your that part of yourself can help you get back on track. Your moon is in pragmatic Capricorn, so the best thing you can do is be realistic. Write a list of everything you’ve accomplished, no matter how small. Think back on all the times you started something and followed through to the finish line. Seeing that progress can help you have faith that the future is going to be bright! This also means being real about your limitations. You can’t control how other people feel about your decisions, and you won’t be able to please everyone. Your only responsibility is to yourself, to make choices that will help you become a healthier, happier you.

One last thing: right now, you have Saturn, the planet of delays, sitting right on top of your Mars, the planet of action. You want to move forward but feel stymied, like something is holding you back. It’s a frustrating thing to experience, but this is an important time to slow down and review all your options before forging ahead. Set up meetings with people in the majors you’re interested in and make sure you have all the facts before you commit to one or the other! Or, try creating an outline of that book before diving into the whole thing. After all, lucky Jupiter is next to your Mercury for the next few weeks, which is lovely energy for telling your story. We’d all be lucky to hear it.

Good luck, and hang in there!

With love,
Amelia ♦

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