I took these photos on the last day of March this year at Marine Drive in Mumbai. It is the only sea-facing promenade with a view of the skyline of the high rises in the city. It is always full of people, whether it is day or night, sunny or raining. People walking their dogs, college students catching up after classes before heading home, lovers meeting post-work, or families out for ice cream and a stroll by the sea with their kids running around.

My favorite bit is watching the sunset. How quickly the sun disappears. No sun set looks alike, each is unique and magnificent. Sitting there watching the sunset feels like a collective experience. Together everyone is transfixed by this phenomenon, drawn to this one moment and experience. Of course the visual perspective will be objective, but in some way everyone–even for a split second–is united.

I feel we all are left with having a piece of a larger memory, a memory that we share even though we are complete strangers. The memory of an extraordinarily beautiful, sublime experience binds us together in some moment in time. ♦