This photo set follows a girl on a journey through the neighborhood as day melts into night. She is viewed through bushes, flowers, and trees and framed by porches and telephone poles as she walks through the dusk. The point of view in these photos gives us a frame though which to view this character as she wanders the streets, and it makes us wonder what she is looking for. Does this transitory period of day mirror the emotions she is feeling? Will we ever truly know how to see each other for who we are, or will environment always play a role?

July’s theme, Point of View, made me want to explore these questions as well as others through a portrait series in which the model is continuously framed by her surroundings. Thank you so much to Emmanuela for modeling and working with me to create this series. Thank you to everyone who let us use their houses, specifically Tara, Erin, Julien, Jelani, Bino, Bex and Clair. ♦