We’ll See Each Other Again

I punch the cell phone number
And wait…one ring…two rings…
I hear the familiar voice and I can see her amber eyes
I give her my warmest welcome
But she doesn’t seem to hear me
I shout a little louder
Talk a little faster
But she still can’t hear me
I’m about to give up and call another day
But on the other end of the line I hear my nephew—
He helps out my mom and she can finally understand me

Things are getting bad
Daily prayers…Have to sell the house…He can’t breathe as well…
I can almost envision her
Switching her weight from one foot to the other,
Hand in waist
I sense desperation and worry even when she’s many miles apart
It’s making my chest heavier
My eyes a bit blurry
What have the doctors said? I ask
I don’t know what to say anymore or whether to cry or get mad
My heart seems to be under attack
Have hope, my mother replies

I hear the memories whistling back at me in mockery
I try to cover my ears
And swallow back this ball of fear
And brace myself for the worst

It’s just that sometimes I feel
That no matter how hard I try in this country
It has a way of punching me harder and harder

I just hope that one day I’ll get to see the ones that have taught me everything I know
But right now the only thing I can do is hold onto all the conversations in the cell phone
Their weakening voices and their words of wisdom
And I just hope it’s not too late
When I come back. ♦

Melani G. is finishing up her freshman year of high school. She lives in New York City with her parents and sister.