Illustrations by Elly Malone.

It’s human nature to look for a sign from the universe when times get tough. We all need a little guidance–whether it comes from a teacher, friend, therapist, or religious text. I often find that once I ask for a sign, I’ll start to see the same symbol or word over and over again as I go through my daily routine. It seems to me that once I clear a mental path to receive messages and energy from the universe, things start to come to me quickly and with strength. Tarot and oracle cards have been used since the early 18th century for precisely this purpose. When we ask a question to the cards, we clear out a space for a direct signal to push through to the surface. When we focus and pay attention to the world around us, we can become more in tune with our intuition and those little voices that guide us throughout our lives.

This oracle deck was designed with astrology in mind. You’ll find twelve cards, each one representing a different zodiac sign. The cards can be used like any other tarot deck. Print the pages (using the double-sided feature!), cut out the cards, and cleanse them with a small ritual like this one: Sit with your cards. Put on a song that you love or find a cozy space. Lay the cards out one by one, taking care to read each card’s title as you do this. Stack them and then shuffle them. Do this a few times so that your energy and hands can intermingle with the cards. Hold the stack in your hands and take a few deep breaths. Imagine a beam of light radiating down from the sky into your hands. Imagine the light traveling from space or some faraway place all the way to the very spot where you are sitting. Create and imagine the path. This is the channel that your messages will come through!

Once you feel like you have infused your cards with good vibes, choose a spread. Tarot cards can be used in a variety of ways; you can ask a question and draw one card or you can lay your cards out into what is known as a spread. In a spread you might designate three or five positions for your cards. Each will have a specific meaning that you decide before you draw. The specific cards you draw will tell you something about each of the designated areas! You can do things like past/present/future, situation/action/result, career/love/friendship, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Once you draw your cards, look at the drawings and titles for inspiration about what the messages are that you are supposed to receive. Your message could be a symbol, a color, a word or letter, or even just a gut feeling. You can also use your knowledge of each sign or a free online glossary to help you interpret each sign’s potential meaning for you. For example, if you draw the Pisces card in a love position, it might mean that you are feeling very psychically and emotionally connected to a crush. But if you were to draw Leo in a love position, it could mean that you are feeling more flirtatious and confident! If you draw the Capricorn card in a career position, it may mean that you are feeling incredibly disciplined in your career–or that you need to apply discipline and routine to that area of your life. Read your own cards or have your friends read them for you! The best part about tarot and oracle messages is that they are truly open to interpretation, so have some fun with it!

You can download a PDF of the full deck to print double-sided here:



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Editor’s note: An earlier version of this piece featured two tarot cards with Muslim-implied women on them. A reader brought our attention to the fact that Islam prohibits fortune-telling, and we’ve removed the illustrations of Muslim-implied women from this piece. We apologize and appreciate the reader’s feedback, as always.