Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

Happy new moon, Rookies! This moon lands in Gemini, the zodiac’s most communicative sign. With Lady Luna’s silvery rays illuminating this part of the cosmos, it’s time to think about what stories you’re telling. Is your personal tale filled with mystery and magic, or conflict and stress? If you’re leaning more towards the latter, now’s the perfect time to rewrite your narrative.

Creating a new story for yourself is easier said than done, but it’s totally possible! For inspiration, consider Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury. It’s named for the Roman trickster god who was able to move between the underworld, the earth, and the heavens to bring messages from place to place. In the same way, you can exist in many different ways at once! You can be sad now but excited about the future. You can love structure but crave freedom. You can be a rebel but delight in everyday things. All those feelings and ideas are valid, especially under this dual-natured moon. Remember: this is your story, and you can play as many characters as you want to!

The new moon squares off with dreamy Neptune in Pisces, giving the next week or two a very mystical quality. It’s great for imagining new things, as long as you don’t let yourself get swept up in the current of fresh, creative ideas! It’s also on the receiving end of an awkward aspect from ambitious Pluto and Lilith in Capricorn, which means the rumor mill will have plenty to say about your new, improved plot. Ignore the gossip and trust that everyone’s doing the best they can. Lady Luna will be teaming up with Mercury in Cancer too, ensuring that you’ll be able to express yourself with kindness along the way.

Most of all, remember to draw on Mercury’s curious, resourceful spirit throughout the next few weeks. The stars are aligned for you to write, talk, or create your way into an exciting new chapter of your life–you just have to turn the page.

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