This photo essay is meant to capture the model, Izabella Moreira’s connection with nature and its colors. Her energy is very strong, so it was easy to connect it with our surroundings. These photographs were captured in Brazil, my home country, where colors are usually captured in a very explosive and vivid way. It was important for me to showcase this other side of Brazilian women, one that is not usually portrayed by the media. Power and strength exist in the pastel tones, in the gentle pink feather she proudly wore and held. Besides showcasing the beautiful and strong side of being a woman, I always want my work to show the difficult side as well: the pain, loss, fear, and emotional rawness that make us who we are. Negative emotions are usually portrayed through dark colors, but this time I wanted to capture them through the same color palette as the positive emotions. I want to highlight that soft colors don’t always portray happiness, but that they can also highlight raw and negative emotions. Every color, tone, and hue can be interpreted in many ways and can be deeply connected to a person’s feelings. ♦