I enjoy the view from wherever I am, even if I can only see a wall or buildings (believe me, there’s beauty in that too). This is the first time in my life that I live with a garden at my home and it makes me feel so lucky and grateful. As much as I feel kind of sad, lonely, anxious, and more, little things in nature have always helped to put me in a good mood, even when I’m not looking for them. Nature will always find a way to tell you positive things without words. It all changes, everything.

I lost a lot of things because of my accident (like my memory). I do grieve for my past, but I choose to turn my back to negative feelings when I identify them. I’ve always thought that nature can send us notes. In water, I can see strength, fluidity, and teamwork. Nature teaches us that everything heals. It give us beautiful sunsets. Everything in nature has two sides, like all of us do. I see cacti all the time where I live and everyone sees them as strong, tall, and tough, and then I see flowers between the spines saying, Hey! We have a soft side too! Plants, flowers, and more can grow on a house, and again, that is nature telling us that we can coexist and the result is beautiful.

Seeing all of these things every day with my own eyes makes me feel better. When I regained consciousness after my accident, I could hear nature screaming at me, You! With the camera! Come and take a picture of us! Look how beautiful we look today! So I do, and these are pictures of what I see every day, so enjoy the view! ♦