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Amelia’s horoscope:
Your keyword for the new moon is dialogue. Lady Luna is in your seventh house of balance, so you’re being called to have a conversation with someone who thinks differently than you do.

Dylan’s advice: This new moon might bring some blunt confidence where you might be needing it: in the conversations you need to have within your relationships. You might be feeling extra feisty about something that needs to be said. By all means, bring that ish UP! It is time, no more lingering! Just try to prep a little bit before you go into this conversation. Turn You statements, such as, “you never seem to listen to me,” into I statements, like, “I don’t feel like I’m being heard when I’m sharing news with you.” Both statements are valid, both are expressing the same core issue, but the I statement is more likely to get the empathy you’re hoping for out of your buddy/lover/partner/person you want to have a good convo, not a crappy argument, with.