Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is utopia. Lady Luna is in your eleventh house of social groups, so you’re being called to imagine what your ideal community would be like.

Dylan’s advice: Whether you feel like a social outlier waiting to find your people in this world, or you feel fully integrated in the community around you—Everyone’s lives rock WAY more when there’s a vision behind the bonds we make. Because on some mysterious, subconscious, inexplicable level, the most authentic grounds upon which people gather are usually based on at least a lil’ bit of idealism. Some feeling of creativity, or power, or joy, that compounds when you are all together. No matter what your social life looks like, whether you’re content or longing for more, take a moment to create some sort of testament—a list of intentions or a vision board or a little shrine—to the community you want in your world. What you’ll share and bond over. Bring it in.