Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is brazen. Lady Luna is in your first house of introductions, so you’re being called to put yourself out there in a new, more visible way.

Dylan’s advice: What makes you really feel like yourself? What gives you those euphoric moments when you want to shout, “THIS IS MY FINAL FORM!” while twirling out into the middle of the street? Please don’t go do that and get hit by a car—It’s just a really exuberant feeling that has a lot to do with how to make the most of this new moon in your first house! Whether you feel Peak You wearing your velour track suit like its your uniform, or adopting a new signature greeting for when you see your friends (who DOESN’T want to hear you say “howdy, ma’am” while tipping an invisible hat? That’s the best hello!), choose a new way to bring your unapologetic self into your personality for the world to see, and adore.