Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is resistance. Lady Luna is in your fifth house of creativity, so you’re being called to push back writer’s block and say what you need to say.

Dylan’s advice: Creative success isn’t simply a constant stream of magical inspiration that turns you into a superstar. It’s mostly a lot of the greasy-elbow work of fighting past the voices inside your head (and hey, on the outside, too) that try to convince you every which way that you aren’t made for the stuff of art, music, romance, pleasure, joy. BOOOOOOOOO! Use this boldness jolt from Aries to assert your trust in yourself. To create what you want urgently, and not talk yourself out of it. Be brave on your own behalf. Name the voices of opposition so that you can shut them down (“Becky, NOT today!”) when they start bickering inside your head.