Oroma Elewa, Crushed Guava Leaves

Crushed Guava Leaves is my second artistic project. It is a performance primer, a reference point for the work I am doing now.

Prior to this project, I created and ran the magazine Pop’Africana to help deliver a rejuvenated image of Africa and Africans through re-inspired imagery and stories from 2009–2014.

In both projects, the fundamental goal is to tell stories of transnational cultural experiences and ideas. However, with Crushed Guava Leaves, my angle is essentially more personal–these stories are my experiences.

As a visual and performance artist, the idea now with my work is to tell fully realized stories. Realized in ways that only elements of performance can deliver–elements like emotion and movement.

With Crushed Guava Leaves, I am exploring experiential narratives as inspiration for performance art. I want my audience to experience these stories with me on stage, through movement, in a song or in a film–in ways that are unique to me. Crushed Guava Leaves serves as a means of understanding what I am bringing into the performance and the kind of space I hope to occupy.

Readers can follow Crushed Guava Leaves as it develops via my Instagram and on my website. ♦