Being part of a club/production/camp cabin can foster some pretty amazing team spirit. However, the dreadful first few minutes/hours/days before you get to know people in your new group can be painfully uncomfortable. Unless you have icebreakers! I put together some of my favorite icebreaker games to turn any group of acquaintances into soulmates.

1. Two Truths and a Lie
Ideal group size: 5–10 people

The concept is simple. Go around in a circle revealing 3 facts (2 truths and a lie) about your life and the rest of the group has to guess which one of the three is a lie. The person that guesses correctly goes next.
For example: I once peed next to a heard of zebras, I hate butterflies and I own 3 ballgowns.
This game is nice because people can chose what they want to say about themselves and often leads to some crazy storytelling.

2. Speed Dating
Ideal group size: around 20 people

This is one of my favorites! It requires a bit of preparation but it is totally worth it. Here’s how you play:
-Prepare ridiculous questions like the ones below.
-Have people sit at a long table facing each other.
-Write your questions on small pieces of paper.
-Shuffle the questions and spread them out on the table.
-Ask your “date” the questions you’ve picked up.
-Allow one minute per question.
-Then ask one side of the table to slide one spot over on the bench so they have a new “date.”

Question examples:
-If you were a kitchen utensil what would you be?
-If I were a cheese grater would you still love me?
-What would you do if you had a million carrots?
-If you could live at one age forever what would it be?

3. Love Solution
Ideal group size: This activity works best with small intimate groups that are going to be working or living closely together (theater groups, camp cabins, dorms, etc.). It is also better with an even number of people.

Remember the viral trend that claimed you could answer 36 questions with a partner to fall in love? Well it doesn’t always work…but as my brilliant friend Addy pointed out, it is almost always a way to break the ice and form strong relationships in a short amount of time! The easiest way to do this is by splitting up your group into pairs (with someone they have never met) and then asking each other these questions.

Allow at least 4 minutes per question. As the questions get quite personal be sure that everyone is consenting to the activity beforehand and knows that they don’t HAVE to answer the questions.

4. All My Friends and Neighbors
Ideal group size: larger groups work better.

Admittedly this sounds like a game your 72 year old great aunt may play at the opening of her bridge club festival. But trust me…it can be fun! Everyone starts by getting in a circle and taking off their shoes to mark a spot in the circle. One person stays in the middle (leaving their shoes outside) and announces “I love all my friends and neighbors who [insert thing you love here]”. Then, everyone who also loves said thing runs to find a new spot in the circle. One person will inevitably not find a spot. They then become the new center person. Repeat!

5. Ultimate Ninja
Ideal group size: 5-10 people.

This is not technically an ice breaker game but it’s a ton of fun…and having fun means friendships are formed and the ice is broken. Yippee!
It’s also a little more complicated, so here are detailed instructions.

Have fun! ♦