Illustration by Esme Blegvad.

Happy new moon, Rookies! This new moon is in magical Pisces. It’s also on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and paired with good vibes from fortunate Jupiter, there’s going to be plenty of good luck to go around.

Pisces is the sign of dreams and wishes, which are exactly what the stars want you to focus on right now. New moons are turning points, and fantasy can be an awesome entry point into figuring out what you want to do next. With this ethereal sign in play, the best tool you have in your toolbox is your imagination. It’s time to suspend your disbelief for a little while, or at least long enough to expand what you think is possible. Not sure where to start? You could act out what you want to happen next, make a Pinterest board of visual inspiration for your journey, or sing along with songs that remind you that anything is possible.

Your newfound boldness is courtesy of Jupiter, the co-ruler of Pisces from before Neptune was discovered. Whenever Jupiter is around, you’re hit with an unshakeable desire to go on a new adventure, and this is no different. This moon is also on the receiving end of lucky trine aspect from Jupiter retrograde in intense Scorpio, which will help you dive even deeper into your fantasies. Divulge those dreams that nobody else knows about to your journal so you can work through what they really mean. Do you actually want to drop everything and move to the country, or do you just need to spend a little more time in nature? Under this moon, you figure it out.

Four planets in fire signs alongside the new moon means you’ll want to dig into your next project right away, but this new moon says there’s still work to be done before you move on, even if it’s just getting emotionally ready to take on your next big thing. A square from Mars in Sagittarius revs you up and a tricky quincunx from Uranus in Aries says there’s a major element of surprise here, but with so much good energy in play, you can use the excitement to your advantage.

All in all, the stars are aligned in your favor. Just be careful what you wish for—Under this moon, you just might get it!

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