This set is called “Braver At Night.” I took all of these photos on the same night, driving around my hometown alone. I find that the act of taking self portraits is very meditative for me. When I’m alone, I have time to set up the photo exactly how I want it before setting the self timer and running over to my position in the frame. Although I call a lot of attention to myself by setting up my camera on a tripod in the street and running back and forth, I am not afraid of what people think of me in this situation. I am not nervous about the safety of myself or my equipment, simply because I become too focused on creating the composition that I see before me. These are things that I only become comfortable with under the cover of night, which is why I feel that the quote “braver at night” from Anne Sexton’s poem “Her Kind” encapsulates me and my work so perfectly. ♦