For Rookie’s Show & Tell theme this month, I decided to take photos of couples. The complicated chemistry created by two people who love each other has always interested me, maybe because I struggle so much to understand how it’s possible. So there I was, like some sort of spy: biking in the rain, hopping on and off buses, making friends with strangers in houses I’d never been to, thrust all of a sudden into someone’s love story. What I unearthed was surprising and miraculous, as if I was a scientist finding undeniable proof of the existence of something I had never truly believed could be real. But I found it: in the most commonplace moments, the grimiest bathrooms, the milliseconds between a blank expression and a cracked smile, in the prolonged eye contact I had never had the courage to sustain with anyone. I saw it beginning to bloom on sheets moulded to men and women’s bodies, their cloth cocoons. In the angle of a neck or the pronunciation of a word. At the end of the project, flicking through my photos–which felt more like their photos–I couldn’t help but accept the beautiful ubiquity of this mutual, magical reverence: this thing we call love. ♦