Ethereal glam.

Björk didn’t need to name her album Utopia to become an influence for this month’s theme: I have already been successfully converted, as with many others, into the school of thought that Björk, herself, is a perfect human representation of the word. But, since we’re at it, the queen did title her latest album Utopia and had the most ethereally alien cover beauty look to match. Here, learn how to contour like Björk using lipstick mashes and color yourself utopian (vaginal forehead piece not included).

What You’ll Need:

  • Lipstick in light shades of purple, green, orange, and pink
  • Matte mixing medium (optional but recommended)
  • Purple eyeliner
  • Coral gloss

How to do it:

Step One

Unless you’re new here, you already know: prime! Whatever makes your skin feel on fire (but not, like, for real).

Step Two

Commence the mashing! Chop up four lipsticks in these colors (NYX Macaron Lippies used here) and mix with MAC Matte Medium for a clean finish on skin. I used a palette knife, but if you don’t go to art school, pretty much anything else you use daily for smashing/cutting will work.

Step Three

Starting with warm colors is my preference always, so start by applying orange in the spots that require deeper color. Follow up with pink in pretty much any spot that would require highlighter in a non-utopian look.

I used my finger to do this. It’s pretty much a color-by-number except with no numbers and Bjork’s face as your guide.

Step Four

Just as it says, go in with your cool colors. In this case, these colors are purple and green. Tip: go easy with the purple under the eyes. I would know.

Add a purple liner above the eye (I used MAC kohl eyeliner) if you’re feeling it.

Step Five

For the cherry on top, apply a coral gloss to lips (MAC Lip Glass in Lychee Luxe seen here). Ta-da! ♦