A lush look.

Truth be told, the only reason I started watching Twin Peaks was because someone told me I looked like Shelly. Flattered after a brief Google Images search, I got to watching and simultaneously became one of the most annoying advocates for the show in my friend group. Some characters seem to have been brainstormed with future beauty inspo features in mind, and the Twin Peaks gals lead this category with their lush brows and romantically-painted pouts.

What You’ll Need:

  • Comfy foundation (or just an awesome concealer if you’re feeling extra flawless)
  • Translucent mattifying face powder
  • Eyeshadows: rose, gold, salmon (light pink), deep brick color
  • Face gloss
  • Brow gel
  • Eye primer
  • Brown eyeliner
  • Natural lipliner
  • Lipstick: deep nude, bright red

How to do it:

Step One

Twin Peaks skin knows no pimples . . . too bad I have three. Just take care of the standouts and leave the rest of your skin natural. I’m using By Terry concealer.

Step Two

A tip for brows that seem to only exist on magical 90s TV shows: brush against the brow! For the first strokes brush against the way your brow-hairs fall, then brush up and out to smooth those crazies down. My brow goo of choice: Glossier Boy Brow in Black.

Step Three

We’re going a bit out of order here, but since I am your designated Makeup Trickster, follow my lead. Pat the translucent powder about your complexion, especially where you get a bit oily.

Step Four

Dab a bit of the rose-colored shadow onto your cheeks for an inspired blush (here, I go with MAKE’s Damascus Rose). Blend along cheekbones and leave room at the very top, just beneath the eye, for a touch of face gloss. In this case, I used MAKE’s Dew Pot to finish off the innocent flush that Twin Peaks’s leading ladies seem to have. Also apply Dew above and below brows and to cupid’s bow.

Step Five

My latest obsession is makeup that helps other makeup do its job. See: eyeshadow primer. Here, I’m squinting trying to rub MAKE’s eye primer evenly over my lid whilst getting that shot.

Step Six

Grab your eyeliner and lay it on thick. Not obnoxiously thick, but thick. Don’t forget a slight flick at the end of the line for a bit of Audrey Horne influence.

Step Seven

Use your light pink or salmon-colored shadow (here, MAKE’s Santa Fe) as your base color and apply all over your lid. Then come in with the gold shadow in the inner corners and just under the brow.

Step Eight

Add the deepest shade—something kind of rich and red-brown (I used MAKE’s Brick)—to the crease and blend outwards, but not past the eyebrow.

Step Nine

Line your lips with a pencil true to your natural tone.

Step Ten

Apply your deep nude lipstick as a base. My nude of choice is MAKE’s Coral.

Step Eleven

Add bright red (I used MAKE’s Scarlet Oak) to the nude to create a subtle pop in the middle of the mouth. ♦