Nothing’s better than finding out that Mercury is in retrograde after not having an answer as to why minor things have been going wrong. I’m not saying it makes them better, I am saying that it’s amazing to have something to blame them on. Your phone not working? Mercury retrograde. Miscommunications? That pesky planet is moving backwards in the sky, ISNT IT?

I like having something to blame things not working out on. The way I think of it no ones hurting because I’m blaming a planet on small inconveniences.

I’m not as hard on myself during a retrograde which is really good for my anxiety. The idea of using like three weeks to reflect and let go is so nice for my, “You have to be doing something at all times” mentality. I’m not mean to myself when I take a day to myself.

I have a trip coming up and I cried tears of joy when I found out that the retrograde would be over. I may be hyping it but traveling in the midst of it is a mess. It’s hard to put exactly how I feel into words. Let’s blame that on the retrograde too.

This is such a weird time where I’m halfway between comforted and a huge mess.

To sum everything up: AHHHHHHHHHHHH! ♦