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Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is fortune. Lady Luna is in your 2nd house of valuable things, so you’re being called to plan for how you’re going to amass your personal wealth.

Dylan’s advice: Pretending you’re rich isn’t always the most beneficial way to live your life. Say, when online shopping at 2am, or when you’re on that last bit of your cash in your wallet and you decide to add avocado to the burrito and you’re like, damn, that $2 was my bus money. Anyway, been there. When it’s good to think like you’re rich is when you consider all the things around you that have value, and that you have in abundance. Like your personality, your passions, your potential. Take an inventory of what you want to grow. Say, if you have an amazing personality but you know it needs to be recharged to fully shine, give yourself more space and time alone. If spending more time on your hobbies and passions makes life feel much richer, then carve out more time and drop some stuff that isn’t as enriching. Grow that abundance.