Let’s talk about love.

Salut, mes amis! I’m reporting to you for this months Upasna Asks all the way from the country of love—France! I’m studying abroad here for four months, and although I am excited for all of the elements of studying abroad, one particular thought hasn’t escaped my mind since I made the decision to move to a foreign country for a semester: What if I meet someone? It’s quite normal for me to think this way, though, considering I am the biggest romantic I know and I am very open about it. So today I’m asking (and answering) the question: Why am I SUCH a romantic? Plus, other questions like:

  • How do heteronormative romantic ideals affect me?
  • Is it emotionally harmful for me to be a romantic?
  • Can you want love SO BADLY but also have standards for yourself?
  • Is feeling lonely…that bad?

Also, don’t forget that you can send questions for me to [email protected] I just might have the answers!