Look, Rooks!

Colors—specifically those found in lipstick tubes—were my favorite things as a child, which is evident in the vibrant #looks I served using my little-girl makeup kits. Back in the day, deep pinks were my fav, as was using makeup products for things other than their intended use (sparkly purple nail polish as eyeshadow is the most noteworthy example). Although I tend to make a point to stay away from most dark pink shades these days, you could say I was a bit *ahem* ahead of my time when it came to making products multipurpose in the name of beauty. Inspired by child-self’s love for color and happy-go-lucky approach to application, I’ve created a celebratory Makeup Trick below.

What You’ll Need:

  • Eyeshadow in shimmery light pink, dark purple/magenta, and bright blue
  • Red or deep pink shadow or blush
  • Colored highlighter (preferably pink)
  • Bright red lipstick

Before moving on to the look, start fresh with a layer of foundation, concealer, or absolutely nuh-thing, if you please. I’m sporting Paul and Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer in 02.

Step One

Using your finger, apply the light pink shadow all over your lids. Using your finger lays down more pigment on the skin (and is also my preferred way to apply shadow since I was young). Add a touch to the inner corners of the eyes and sweep outwards. I’m using shadows from Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palette in “Bubblegum.”

Step Two

Apply the deeper pink/purple shadow, also with your finger, to the creases of your eyelids. Bring it into the corner of your eye and outward with the lighter pink.

Step Three

For the third layer, swipe the blue shadow on your brow bone, blending it with the layer below it. After applying the blue in enough layers to make sure it’s recognized, I suggest going back in with your middle layer (Step Two) so that the deep pink doesn’t become overshadowed (no pun intended) by the blue. Deepen that deep pink crease, as pink is always the priority ;).

Step Four

Because we are so crafty, rub a fingertip into your deep pink shadow (or a more red-based shade, if you have it) and start by rubbing a circle at the peak of your cheekbone. Blend both upwards and downwards. Do the same with your colored highlighter and swirl it on both above and below your blush (though emphasize the area between your blush and the bottom of your eye). I used Lime Crime Hi-Lite Palette in “Mermaid.”

Step Five

This bright, pink-red liquid lipstick (“True Love” by Lime Crime) was a total Young Alyson finishing touch. Go bold or go home.

Step Six

“When an opportunity for extra shimmer presents itself, take it,” is something I’m sure I would have said when I was younger, had I a better vocabulary and knowledge of sentence structure. But now that I do, I’ll tell you to take this shimmery opportunity for cooler lips by dabbing a bit of your shadow or highlighter onto the center of both your top and bottom lips. ♦