Illustration by Patrick Ferris.

In many cases, the quintessential Halloween includes loads of festive activities like trick-or-treating, costume parties, and Halloween-themed games. These festivities can be fun, however, they’re all rooted in the same thing: socialization. Ideal for some, but undesirable for others— I’m one of those people. I’m totally the kind of person who becomes elated at the thought of ordering a pizza and watching Gilmore Girls all night, but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. For many years, I have found myself in the same predicament, asking myself, “How does an introvert have a good time on a holiday that basically exists because of socialization?” Given that Halloween is as socially involved as it is, there’s never exactly a giant jack-‘o-lantern waiting at my doorstep to hand me a pamphlet about how to have fun on Halloween as an introvert. Given this lack of resources and extreme lack of desire to interact with anyone other than a pizza delivery guy, I’ve taught myself how to have a good time on my own, and with a few people on occasion. What follows is my personal library on things to do by yourself (and a few involving two or three other people) on Halloween.

  • Make a ton of Halloween-themed non-alcoholic drinks. Extra points for drinking them in goblets or chalices.
  • Make a ton of Halloween-themed foods and desserts.
  • Watch a ton of ’90’s Halloween movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Addams Family and Halloweentown are my all time favorites.
  • Create a ton of alter egos using things in your closet, you can still get into character even if it’s just for yourself!
  • Draw trick-or-treaters from your window.
  • Write a Halloween haiku. A haiku is a 17 syllable poem (often about nature/surroundings) the first line is five syllables, the second is seven syllables and the third line is five syllables.
  • Watch horror movies. If you’re easily scared, watch those ones that are so weird, you laugh them off. Like this movie about an alien made from gelatin that eats everything it touches.
  • Listen to podcasts about Halloween.
  • Choreograph a dance to your favorite Halloween-centric song.
  • Read scary stories.
  • Write a defining moment memoir about one of your Halloweens.
  • Rewatch every single Halloween episode of your favorite shows. Who couldn’t use a good recap and something seasonally-themed?
  • Purchase all the candy at your local pharmacy or grocery store.
  • Buy every single seasonal flavor of everything at your local grocery store and review and rank them.
  • Create an intricate jack-o’-lantern, google some designs for inspiration they get really cool!
  • Read your own tarot cards.
  • Go to a psychic. If it’s your first time doing this I’d bring a friend just because it can be a little intimidating and if you’re still really getting into the never-ending world of spiritual practices it might be good to have someone for emotional support as you sort of just get your feet wet in the whole thing.
  • Learn about the origins of Halloween. I love a good history lesson especially when it’s about a popular holiday.
  • Learn about how and why other cultures celebrate (or don’t celebrate) Halloween.
  • Find the most expensive eBay listing for Halloween-themed Beanie Babies
  • Start binging some creepy TV shows. My ideas would be Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, American Horror Story and Bates Motel.
  • Make Halloween crafts.
  • Scope out local carnivals. I’d bring some friends for this one.
  • Do some really intricate scary or funny face paintings/ makeup, just cause you’re not going out doesn’t mean you can’t get all dolled up! The phrase all dolled up with nowhere to go doesn’t out of nowhere!

So, while a lot of Halloween festivities are very socially involved, being introverted on Halloween isn’t so hard. Sure, it’s not what’s typically expected of you to stay in on Halloween but screw expectations. If it’s your desire to stay in and watch Gilmore Girls and eat a lot of pizza (I should stop throwing shade at myself, wow), then that’s what you desire. Someone very wise once told me that the gut is like a second brain. And when we want something enough for us to consciously realize it, it means a lot. Do what feels natural to you and follow your own path of human nature. ♦