Collage by Beth Hoeckel.

Tarot of Pagan Cats
Attention aspiring witches, magic folks, inner truth seekers, or fans of miniature things: This tiny tarot deck is for you! Naturally, as all small and cute things are, the cards in this deck are emblazoned with adorable “pagan cats” and it includes a booklet on how tarot works, in case you’re unfamiliar and want to tap into this world of cups, swords, wands, and pentacles. One of the biggest misconceptions of tarot is that a user will ask a personal question into the universe and the cards dealt supposedly “reveal” the user’s fate—however, that is not quite true. What tarot ultimately helps users do is to think or approach their inner questions from a slightly different perspective, based on what the cards say. It’s a calming and relatively quick ritual you can do for yourself each day or a fun activity you can do with friends. And when you fully dive into tarot, you’ll find there are tons of decks available (of varying designs, sizes, and prices, of course) and you may even be inspired to start a tarot deck collection of your own. But if you’re a dabbler like I am, consider this bite-sized Tarot of Pagan Cats the perfect starter pack. (Amazon, $11.95)— Jinnie Lee

Jade Facial Roller
JADE FACIAL ROLLER! I was scrolling through good old IG one day when I stumbled upon a live video started by Yara Shahidi. Someone had asked about her skincare routine, and she was preaching to her followers about the magic of the jade roller. I was intrigued by its cooling, depuffing abilities as well as the fact that it’s a massage tool made of jade, and looked for one online. Most of the ones I found were about $25, but I kept searching, and I found this one for the strange price of $7.49! Although it may seem sketchy, I ordered myself one from this exact seller on Amazon, and I got mine INTACT and READY TO ROLL. It’s perfect for cooling down your face after a long day or depuffing your face & eyes in the morning. I definitely recommend! (Amazon, $7.49)— Lucia S.

“Mixed Emotions Club” Enamel Pin
I’m a pretty optimistic person, and yet I have an annoyingly difficult time letting myself get excited about Good Things on the horizon. I keep new opportunities to myself for as long as I can, because I feel like telling too many people jinxes me. When people congratulate me, I offer what I think is a smile but actually looks like a grimace, because deep down I’m worried about effing it up, triggering some kind of self-sabotage. I’m a bundle of emotions on the regular, so I often wear this Tuesday Bassen “Mixed Emotions Club” enamel pin like a miniature biography. (Tuesday Bassen, $10)— Ashley Reese ♦