Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is rescue. Lady Luna is in your eleventh house of leadership, so you’re being called to come to the rescue of your friends, loved ones, classmates, or co-workers.

Dylan’s advice: A lot of us, understandably, get freaked out by All There Is to Do to Fix the World, and end up fretting so much that nothing gets done. That’s a good case for the presence of leaders—to point out clear ways to tackle the practical stuff, while looking out for everyone’s best interests. You might be called to present yourself as a leader on a project at school where there might be a ton of conflicting ideas, or in a social justice group where everyone’s bogged down by the insurmountability of the issues at hand. If that sounds really big, start small. If family is stressed, or friends are bummed, reach out and do a favor for them, or drop a lil bag of candy off on their desk. It’s always surprising how gestures that seem so minor make such a big impact. It’s better to do a tiny thing that is nice and smart, than nothin’ at all. Whatever you do, do something thoughtful that will show others the way.