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Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is remnant. Lady Luna is in your twelfth house of endings, so you’re being called to tie up loose ends and appreciate any mementos left behind.

Dylan’s advice: We always talk about new moons as beginning phases; so what does it all mean when one is in your 12th and final house of endings? Well, with this one in Virgo, it’s going to help you give some structure to all your loose, possibly confusing, spiritual and poetic and isolated thoughts that bob around in the deeper waters of your mind when we go through any kind of change. This kind of stuff might drag you around if you don’t pay attention to it. That’s why it’s always a helpful thing to do to something ceremonial when we end a life chapter, a growth phase, a project, or a relationship. Whatever’s completing in your life, here’s a few ideas of how to mark it: Make a playlist that will help you access your emotions. Take a night off, alone, to ask yourself how you’re feeling about this change. Collect the physical objects of this phase and put them in a special place. It’s a way to give form to that ending feeling.