Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is reflect. Lady Luna is in your first house of appearance, so you’re being called to look at yourself in the mirror and admire who you’ve become.

Dylan’s advice: A new moon, in your sign, in your first house is a quintessential “it’s a new day!” vibe. Instead of nitpicking at your reflection, wishing you could edit what you see, think about what you want to build upon, rather than cut down. It’s hard to zoom out and look at yourself as the composed, complete image you are, versus how pixelated-close we are to our own selves. But try! Because it is a new day, in fact an entirely new lunar phase. Your task is to name for yourself a handful of things you think are going really well in regards to your self-ness, and what good things come to you because of them. Did you get more confident last year? Notice how that helped you on dates, or in school, or in conversations. Have you loosened up a bit? Maybe that made your relationships and your family life a bit easier. See what you have on lock, and consider where you can go from here.