Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is revive. Lady Luna is in your third house of friends and neighbors, so you’re being called to bring new life to your social feeds and personal calendar. Get out of the house and mingle!

Dylan’s advice: Isn’t it weird how sometimes the people that are closest to us—emotionally and geographically—can kind of get lost in the shuffle of everyday life? How you can go months of agreeing with a pal, “we should totally hang out soon!” without ever making a date? How about when you have a friend who lives only a few blocks away, but somehow you always forget to make plans? This new moon is here to fix that, if you’ll help it along. Finally pull that trigger and schedule a weekend trip out of town with that friend who always wanted to hit the road with you. Schedule a standing date with a study buddy at your favorite cafe with the really good cookies, so that you’ll blow each other off less because you’re busy. Shoot a spontaneous text to your neighborhood pal, asking if they want to go stroll through the neighborhood with you and your dog. While getting out of a social rut is always a little hard, the Virgo new moon is like the shovel, so pick it up and dig yourself out a little bit to say hello to the kind folks around ya.