Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is repose. Lady Luna is in your fourth house of feelings, so you’re being called to take a break, rest up, and let your emotions recharge.

Dylan’s advice: Spend time groundin’ down at home—which should feel especially appealing if fall weather starts whistling at your door. Your inner weather, if you are attuned to it, will also be encouraging you to be an indoor kid this new moon. Not out of laziness, but out of an urge to recharge. But don’t totally check out—take this downtime on purpose. Family closeness might feel especially good right now, but so may closing your bedroom door on everyone for a night of dedicated solo company, too. Your fourth house rules your privacy, your domestic realm, and your immediate fam. The new moon might have you feeling a bit vulnerable or just tired from the changing of seasons (which totally is a thing, an exhausting one at that!). Pick a place to plant yourself for the next few days where you can process in the safety of your most secure-feeling zones. Reconnect with any family, or simply with yourself—you might be feeling distant from either, so check in, pick up on the phone, bridge the gap.