Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is resolve. Lady Luna is in your ninth house of ideals, so you’re being called to reach an agreement with someone else or within yourself.

Dylan’s advice: Let yourself be totally transformed and turned topsy-turvy by a new idea. Let yourself unravel a whole set of reasoning that may have gotten you through life up until this point. Be cool when encountering *wild, wild, wild thoughts* that may come across your path at this new moon. Then spend the following weeks going into the next full moon reconciling it with your life. Because this Virgo new moon in your ninth house of higher learning, spirituality, inspiration, risk, and other world-rocking stuff wants you to apply your inherent Cap genius to the experience of opening up your world. Pursue what has been breaking your world open, be it a book, a show, a spirituality, a new subject. Commit to being all shaken up right now. You’re not gonna fall apart! But you might be changed, a little or a lot.