Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is relish. No, not the condiment! Lady Luna is in your tenth house of accomplishment, so you’re being called to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor as well as any exciting opportunities on the way.

Dylan’s advice: Now. I. Want. A. Hot dog. Anyway. This is very good resumé-building weather! Why? Because you’re looking back on your achievements, while looking forward at what’s to come. As you compose an outline of your skills and accomplishments, you’ll be able to present yourself the way you want the Big Whigs like employers and admission folks and scholarship committees to see you. Momentum is crucial in resumé-writing—generate some energy from reviewing all the awesome work you’ve done (even if it’s only one or two things, because you can drill down and bring out the details of those experiences). Staring at a blank resumé page can be stifling, but if you come in all jazzed from reflecting on you killing it, you’ll be ready to put it all down on a page. You can reward yourself with a hot dog when you’re done, to fully fulfill both meanings of relish.