Autumn Blues

For quite some time I have been feeling odd
Felt like my lungs have been filled with fumes – deep inside a flame has been burning
I think that the outside is switching it‘s place, I think that my insides are crumbling away.
My mind has found solace in pain – colors, expressing emotions I do not convey.

I know the Autumn‘s blues have put up their manifestation up in my brain.
How long till things become drenched in madness like Red and the rain?
For now when I‘m down, I know that I‘m burning.
This way I feel like I‘m mourning (repaying my debts).

Everything stacking on top of each other has been a health hazard for me.
But the risk I took. I put myself ablaze.
Burning the barriers, burning the path out
I‘ll pick Me from ashes, from pieces.

By Jūra Lazauskaitė