Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is succulent. Lady Luna is in your 2nd house of sensuality, so you’re being called to enjoy life with all five senses. What’s your favorite taste, smell, touch, and sound?

Dylan’s advice: You have an innate draw to the domestic, and that’s probably gonna feel ultra-amplified at this new moon. How do you arrange your life in a way that delights you? This new moon is amazing for you to rearrange your room, go to a vintage shop and run your paws over cool old treasures, or to score some literal succulents in tiny pots for your living space. Get yourself some new candles or incense. Break out your favorite records and put them on display, too. When you feel comfy and cozy and rooted at home, your whole world looks rosier. Start by beautifying your immediate surroundings, then taking that level of love and attention out into the world with ya.