Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is electricity. Lady Luna is in your 3rd house of communication, so you’re being called to connect with people and things that light you up like a neon sign.

Dylan’s advice: You know how those convos feel when stuff just clicks and gets all bright? Chase that feeling and know who to turn to, to find it. Go get those people, either on Facetime or in real face time, with whom your chats feel totally alive and hyper and fruitful and like they could just go on and on forever. Set a date, if you can, where time limits and circumstances won’t get in the way of your connections. You’ll want a scenario where you can wander for a while through your interactions. All the static of daily life and its confusions will fade out as you tune in with your favorite conversationalists, and energize you for days and weeks and months to come.